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Valle Maira

3 different camps for every level of rider

Trails in Valle Maira

The Maira Valley in Piedmont is a true MTB paradise and rapidly developing in the world of MTB. The Maira Valley offers a large network from over 2000 km dirt roads, military roads and trails through forests, Alpine pastures and along ridges at high altitude. La colletta is the highest pass in the Alps (2830 m) which you can cross with the bike. Hardly any other region in Europe offers such a variety of trails in unspoilt nature, from trails in the Maira Valley upland to its alpine trails.


We will enjoy our holiday in an authentic ambience of the centuries-old hamlets of the Maira Valley. As we stay in typical local accommodations we can get an insight of the unique historic architecture, feel in tune with the surrounding nature and get lost in the magical atmosphere of the area.

Excellent cuisine

The excellent cuisine in the Maira Valley reflects the close relationship with nature and mountain tradition. The menus are genuine and simple, and will bring you on a journey through the smells and flavours of the Maira territory, of course with Piedmontese wines and craft beers.

Valle Maira

Although the area is only 100 km away from the city of Turin, the Maira Valley is a forgotten area of Piedmont. The Maira Valley is characterized by a vast migration. Thanks to increased tourism in the last few years, the migration is being counteracted. The Maira Valley is quiet and reserved by tradition, offering ideas for totally unspoiled tourism. Because of its vicinity to the Mediterranean Sea, this area has a mild climate, despite its alpine location.

Valle Maira Mountainbike holiday
This is a small glimpse of what we will ride this week


In all Camps we carry a day pack. When we change accomodation the luggage will be brought to the next accommodation by a shuttle. Tours and accomodation vary according to the camp you book. Possible week schedule:

  • Sunday: we ride over the panorama road from the Italian flat land deeper into the Maira Valley to San Martino Superiore where we stay the next two days.*
  • Monday:we ride great trails around San Martino and will end the day again in our beautiful accommodation with a 5 course Menu. *
  • Tuesday: Our next destination is Marmora on the other site of the Valley. On the way we visit the picturesque Ponte Marmore. *
  • Wednesday: Wake up at an altitude of 1250 m and we continue our journey up to Passo delle Gardetta 2437 m followed by an awsome trail which as destination Sarreto. In Sarreto we stay in an typical local guesthouse modernized with great style. *
  • Thursday: This day we ride roads and trails in the end of the valley with its beautifull steep rocks like in the Dolomites, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls and we will ride back to our first accommodation.*
  • Friday: departure after breakfast *

* The exact order and mountains we ride will depend on weather and participants.

MTB advanced (s1-s3 trails)


  • date 4-9-2022/10-9-2022

  • 5 days of guiding

  • 4-8 participants per guide

  • accomodation 6 nights accommodation included half pension

  • shuttles included included max 15 kg

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Exclusive travel to and from Valle Maira, and drinks

Valle Maira mountainbike singletrail
Surreal Alpine Experience

What level of mountainbiking should I have?

4 - 10 September

This is an advanced enduro trip that you can join with an E-MTB or normal enduro bike. Depending on the conditions we will ascend between 800 and 1600m. You should have experience in riding S2/ S3 trails. We will ride mostly S2 S3 trails, possible are little part S4 trails.

We will be carrying our day pack and when we change accommodation, our luggage will be brought to the next accommodation.

We boost your stoke level & skills
Pleasure is key for us
The focus is at fun trails and spectacularly surroundings
We are professionals

Gear you need

  • An Enduro, Freeride or Downhill Mountainbike with at least 150mm of travel
  • Bicycle clothing
  • Backpack
  • Rain cloting
  • Knee-pads
  • Full face helmet
  • Goggles or sunglasses
  • Gloves

* The exact packing list will be announced when booked

Enduro Bikepacking
It's important to have well working gear, you don't want to ruin your holiday