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Schnifis Mountainbike Paradise

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What is bad weather, or better yet, what are bad conditions? I found out over the years, that it is actually all in your mind. It sounds a bit corny, but it really is. What do you plan for the upcoming day, when you know it is bad weather, probably nothing right? Just do your stuff, off course you need to adapt to the weather in the mountains. But make a plan B, so everything is rideable.

The preparation takes a bit longer, like packing your rainclothing, goggles and maybe even put a mudguard on your mountainbike. You don’t want your mountainbike to get stucked in hub deep powder, or maybe you choose a trail with a few less roots when it is super wet. Or what about scouting new lines, or do some maintenance work on your favorite trails? At the end it is still so much better than sitting inside behind your computer!

Packing mountainbikes in the car
Nature in Vorarlberg
Hängend Stein climbing

It makes you a more complete rider, your balance has got to be more central above the bike. The next time when you get superhero dirt conditions it’s even better, because your condition and skills have improved compared to all the other riders that have been sitting inside.

Schnifis Gondola
Inside Schnifis Gondola

The Ride

So Irian and I planned to meet at Chris’ place. But Chris had a few drinks to many and decided not to come. At 10:30 Chris gave me a call that he would like to come with us. No problem, we are flexible right and everything was already well planned, right? Not really, but Irian and I decided to have a coffee and have a look at the map. You know that’s how it goes when guides are doing something together. We wanted to scout some interesting terrain in Sniffis. We found some very nice single tracks with 15 km of descending after going up by lift. What a day, what a day!